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MSI Brand Trifold Filter Paper

Unfold the potential MSI trifold filter paper offers your business.


Our sleeves of trifold filter paper help you grow your business with higher through-put, less waste and more consistent results. Unfold the potential for your business.

Contact us to learn more about how MSI trifold filter paper can help you increase productivity and provide consistent results or request a sample below!

Trifold Filter Specificiations

  • Fast and Convenient. Set-up has never been so easy. Trifold filters come stacked in sleeves to allow placement directly into the test funnels.
  • Precise Results. MSI Trifold Filter Papers have been precision cut, folded and sleeved mechanically without any human contamination ensuring the most consistent and accurate results demanded by your customers.
  • Save Money. MSI automated systems cut, fold and nest the Trifold Filters into easy to handle sleeves that dispense pristine filters the first time and every time. You will never again pay for damaged or contaminated hand folded filters.
  • Save Time. MSI Trifold Filters save time and money not only in testing but will lower your cost per filter by eliminating all folding operations.

Hear what our customers have to say:

We are using these papers to filter our forage extract samples for Nitrate-N testing. Also, we use them for our ICP digestion filtration for mineral testing preparation. The labor savings we have encountered from not having to fold papers has afforded our Laboratory Technicians more time to work on other projects. Great move by Midland Scientific finding solutions for customers' needs! - Jeff Horst, Laboratory Production Manager (Agri-King Inc.)

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